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Artis Zeego

in vascular-surgical hybrid surgery

Course objective:

Modern angiography systems are increasingly replacing conventional C-arms in vascular surgery. While its versatility offers fascinating possibilities in surgery, the challenges increase accordingly.
This course is tailored to the needs of surgeons and teaches the basics of operating a modern flat-detector angiography system. Through practical exercises, surgeons will gain indispensable expertise for their daily work. Furthermore, the technical options of the robot-supported Artis Zeego system will be demonstrated; thereunder the creation of CT-data and how to apply the imaging in surgery as well as the image-guided direct puncture of the endoleak.


Maximum number of participants: 6-8

Target groups:

Vascular surgeons and vascular-surgical nurses

Course evaluation:

The participants of this workshop were more than satisfied with its content and quality.

1 days


Laboratory or University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany


• Presentation: Artis Zeego system operation
• Practical exercise: control unit
• Demonstration: radiation protection
   (display, fps, object- detector distance)
• Practical exercise: radiation protection
• Presentation: 2D-angiography
   (overlay, roadmap, semi-automatic vascular analysis)
• Practical exercise: 2D-angiography
• Presentation: overview of 3D-functions
• Presentation: rotation angiography
• Practical exercise: rotation angioraphy
• Presentation: DynaCT and MMWP
• Practical exercise: DynaCT
• Presentation: iGuide
• Practical exercise: iGuide
• Practical exercises (solving certain tasks: EVAR, endoleak, etc.)

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