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We are excitingly looking forward to experiencing a year mixed of different kind of workshops.
Even though it is still difficult to visit hospitals due to the Covid situation we do manage to perform our popular work shadowing workshops showing how daily life and interventions in hospitals look like.
Furthermore we extend our online workshops, referral events and symposia. We are also planning on running several hands-on workshops and preclinical research assignments. It seems like the world is getting back to normal and we are happy to be a part of it.


We are keeping ourselves busy with some preclinical microcatheter testing and several work shadowing workshops such as the Focal One HiFu workshop with our urology and radiology team.


How does an operation room look like from the inside? What are the main diseases for each clinical department and how are they treated there? What can a medical equipment company do to improve these procedures? All this and more will be shown and answered during the 12 days of our clinical insight observation workshop.


April 27

How fast does knowledge about vascular diseases and new optimized therapy strategies change? This will be clarified during the referral event “Update of vascular medicine” held this month.

March 31

This online-workshop “Convincing in the Tumorboard” was a great success. All participants vividly joined the discussion and enjoyed the interactive and relaxed atmosphere.



Our new brochure is online. It is definitely worth taking some minutes of your time in order to find out about our workshops, projects and partners. Enjoy reading.