Focal One - Focal therapy with HIFU

Instructors: PD Dr. D. Schindele, Dr. S. Blaschke, Prof. Dr. F. Fischbach
Maximum number of participants: 3-5
Duration: 1,5 days

Course objective: Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common male malignancy in Germany with 75.000 new diagnosis and 12.000 deaths each year. PCa seems to be a heterogeneous tumour with varying clinical courses. Therefore standard therapies vary between active surveillance and active treatment therapies such as radical prostatectomy (open, laparoscopic, robot-assisted laparoscopic) or external beam radiation therapie as well as LDR- or HDR-brachytherapy. Current standard treatment options show excellent cure rates but they may be accompanied by severe side effects that can strongly interfere with the patient´s quality of life. 

Due to early detection programs PCa detection rates increased over the last years diagnosing particularly patients with low- and intermediate risk profiles. Especially in those risk groups, the individual risk stratification can be very difficult. Whilst some patients might be undertreated by active surveillance, the majority of those patients bear a potential risk of being overdiagnosed and overtreated by the current standard treatment options with the risk of suffering from potentially unnecessary side effects. 

In this area of conflict between over- /under-diagnosis on the one side and over-/under-treatment on the other side, some patients may benefit from focal therapy of the tumour-bearing part of the prostate. HIFU therapy with Focal One offers the technical requirements to perform targeted therapy of the tumour-bearing part of the prostate in order to achieve oncological effectiveness without or with minor side effects when compared to the active standard treatment options.

This course gives an overview of focal HIFU therapy with Focal One. It aims to identify patients that are eligible for focal HIFU therapy and show the technical capabilities of Focal One. Particularly MRT-TRUS fusion should be practiced in the real intervention situation.  

Target groups: In particular, urologists and radiologists. 
This course can be adapted to individual needs of e.g. hospitals and practitioners.


Day 1

  • Lecture: Basics of multiparametric MRI of the prostate, technique and clinical indications
  • Live case: MRI examination of the prostate
  • Lecture: HIFU with Focal One – basics and technique
  • Hands-on: Prostate contour drawing and tumour contour drawing for HIFU

Day 2

  • Hands-on: MRT-TRUS-fusion
  • Live case: Focal One HIFU-therapy

Course evaluation:

Our workshops, which take place regularly, are given an average grade of 1,1