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HCC Master Class

Course objective:
Modern therapeutic approaches for patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma require patient adapted, multidisciplinary treatment strategies. A clinical setting comprising profound hepatological, oncological, surgical and (interventional) radiological expertise is essential, in order to be able to offer all modern diagnostic tools and treatment options. At the University Hospital in Magdeburg a unique workflow for HCC patients, consisting of an interdisciplinary HCC outpatient clinic, an interdisciplinary in hospital HCC unit and weekly interdisciplinary HCC tumour conferences has been established. As a result every single HCC patient is seen by a specialist of each discipline and a concordant therapeutic pathway will be created. Most of the patients are included in various clinical trials taking place at the institution, of which the SORAMIC trial is one of the largest investigator initiated trials worldwide.
The curriculum of the HCC course targets to convey the broad experience of the University of Magdeburg interdisciplinary HCC patient care. In small groups the participants will be integrated in the daily schedule of HCC consultants and therefore be involved into the clinical decision making. In addition all interventional procedures (loco regional and surgical) will be attended. In between state of the art lectures will be held by renowned specialists in the field.


Maximum number of participants: 8-12

Target groups:

Radiologists, oncologists, hepatologists and surgeons.

Course evaluation:

Our latest HCC workshops have received excellent feedback from the participants. An average grade of 1,1 is the result of the evaluation.

2 days


University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany



Day 1
Theoretical section & guest visit
• Welcome: Presentation of the programme and the hospital
• Lecture: Liver function and treatment outcome in HCC (hepatologist)
• Lecture: Liver transplantation and bridging to transplantation in HCC patients (surgeon)
• Lecture: Guidelines for the treatment of advanced HCC: Update on staging systems
   Sorafenib: evidence and clinical practice
   Is there a role of resection, TACE or combined concepts with Sorafenib in advanced HCC?
   Is it time to abandon systemic chemotherapy from HCC treatment? (oncologist)
• HCC interventions (Live cases):
   CT-guided Brachytherapy
   Transarterial chemoembolisation (radiologist)
• Lecture: Second line systemic therapy in HCC – Are there any options? (Oncologist)
• Practical orientation – ward rounds, interdisciplinary HCC ward: optimal care for HCC patients
• Lecture: Management of patients undergoing Sorafenib therapy –
• optimizing outcomes (hepatologist)

Day 2
Theoretical section & guest visit
• Lecture: How to build an interdisciplinary HCC unit? (surgeon)
• Lecture: Evidence based interdisciplinary management of HCC
   1. Management of BCLC A patients (surgeon)
   2. Management of BCLC B patients (radiologist)
• HCC interventionen (Live cases):
   Laparoscopic liver resection
• Science conference, Discussion of ongoing clinical trials
• Lecture: Management of the underlying disease (cirrhosis, hepatitis) (hepatologist)
• Case demonstrations: Cases presented by guests
• Interdisciplinary HCC tumourboard
• Resumé

Registration is compulsory. Cancellations received up to two weeks prior to the event date will be charged with a processing fee of 25,- Euros. After this date or in case of non-attendance, we will charge the entire conference fee. Registration as well as cancellation must be in writing. You have general questions or booking requests?

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