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Interdisciplinary courses

Tumour conference simulation

Balancing various treatment options for optimal individual patient out comes between specialists from different fields is largely dependent on the ability to identify the appropriate clinical arguments. This training course is designed to provide interventional radiologists with evidence of minimally invasive oncology and to train the interdisciplinary discussion in the MDT or tumour conferences.

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Artis Zeego – hybrid surgery

Modern angiography systems are increasingly replacing conventional C-arms in vascular surgery. While its versatility offers fascinating possibilities in surgery, the challenges increase accordingly. This course is tailored to the needs of surgeons and teaches the basics of operating a modern flat-detector angiography system.

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HCC Master Class

Modern therapeutic approaches for patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma require patient adapted, multidisciplinary treatment strategies. A clinical setting comprising profound hepatological, oncological, surgical and (interventional) radiological expertise is essential, in order to be able to offer all modern diagnostic tools and treatment options.

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Focal One – Focal therapy with HIFU

HIFU therapy with Focal One offers the technical requirements to perform targeted therapy of the tumour-bearing part of the prostate in order to achieve oncological effectiveness without or with minor side effects when compared to the active standard treatment options. This course shows aims to identify patients that are eligible for focal HIFU therapy and shows the technical capabilities of Focal One.

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