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Surgical courses

Complex pancreas surgery

Pancreas carcinoma is predicted to have become the second-most frequent fatal cancer by 2030, facing healthcare with an ever growing challenge. To overcome this challenge, there is dire need to develop new forms of treatment of pancreatic carcinoma. Resection of the tumour is still the central target of therapy. The quality of the surgery is one of the most important prognosis factors for the patient.  

MR imaging of the liver for surgeons

Interpretation of MR imaging of the liver can be challenging for a surgeon, who is often dependent on a radiologist. In this course, a radiologist and a liver surgeon will illustratively explain the essential and most important aspects of liver MRI.

Tumour conference simulation for surgeons

Due to modern surgical and radiologically interventional procedures even patients with advanced hepatic tumour disease can be treated interventionally. Today, the optimal individual and usually multi-modal therapy plan is often deter-mined in interdisciplinary tumour conferences.

Minimally invasive treatment of HCC

The treatment of patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma requires a well-developed interdisciplinary teamwork. The two-day course is targeted at advanced surgeons and radiologists. Multi-modal treatment strategies for HCC patients are presented by renowned specialists, and prepared cases are discussed.

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