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MR imaging of the liver for surgeons

How does an MRI of the liver work and what possibilities does the MRI have to offer to surgeons?

Course objective:

Interpretation of MR imaging of the liver can be challenging for a surgeon, who is often dependent on a radiologist. In this course, a radiologist and a liver surgeon will illustratively explain the essential and most important aspects of liver MRI. The necessary sequence protocols for differential diagnosis of benign and malign liver lesions will be enriched by contributions of practitioners and illustrated by case examples. At the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the necessary MRI sequences and able to distinguish between the most common tumours of the liver.


Maximum number of participants: 10-14

Target groups:


Course evaluation:

A participant’s statement: “It is so very interesting and important to see a radiologist’s perspective.”

1 day


Any conference room
An online version of this workshop is also perfectly applicable.


Technical basics of the MRI:
-Spins and phases
-Liver-specific contrast agents
-Liver MRI sequence protocols
-Presentation of case examples
-Test questions
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
-Benign lesions
-Malign lesions
-Presentation of case examples
-Test questions
Interventional and therapeutic aspects: possibilities of the open MRI – an outlook

Registration is compulsory. Cancellations received up to two weeks prior to the event date will be charged with a processing fee of 25,- Euros. After this date or in case of non-attendance, we will charge the entire conference fee. Registration as well as cancellation must be in writing. You have general questions or booking requests?

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