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2021 – plans and thoughts

What do you do in times where you have to keep social contacts as low as possible and performing work shadowing courses is unfortunately not allowed – you think and plan anew. In our case, this means: restructure our course concepts and offer them as an online version. We were able to record our first successes with our new strategy at the end of last year and are looking forward to the continuation and deepening of our digital projects with joy and enthusiasm.

News 2021

Autumn 2021

We are happy of being able to perform some of our favourite work shadowing workshops this fall. Fulfilling strict guidelines of the Covid-19 regulations allows us to hold Focal One workshops, SIRT workshops as well as our clinical insight observation workshop for company employees.

June 16

What is the role of SIRT in handling different entities like ICC and CRC?
A multidisciplinary discussion on this subject will take place during our next online tumour conference simulation, which you are welcome to join.

Spring 2021

HistoSonics® says that minimally invasive isn’t minimal enough. That is why they are developing a non-invasive, sonic beam therapy platform capable of destroying tissue at a sub-cellular level.
And we are supporting their undertaking, offering our expertise to teach their innovative invention.

February 25

Here is some feedback for our today’s online-workshop “Convincing in the Tumorboard”: “Thank you for the great organization of the very refreshing interdisciplinary exchange.
All interested medical colleagues did get a lot of input to the current development of very interesting treatment strategies for liver tumors also in combination with SIRT! “

February 24

Participant’s opinion about Online Rountable: DETermine the application When to use DET?
“Thank you very much for the great contributions!
I found the Roundtable very good: we had exciting and relevant discussions in the panel with up to 40 participants.
We were able to get many concrete tips and ways on how to deal with DET – in particular when it comes to patient education.”