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We look back on an exciting year 2022, in which we were able to carry out many of our classical but also new projects. Our work shadowing courses at the University Hospital Magdeburg, which are already part of the inventory, will take place again this year as usual. But we will also be able to offer many symposia and hands-on workshops. We are particularly pleased about new and further projects with our newly acquired partners in the field of neuroradiology and nuclear medicine. Of course, we are happy to answer your questions and ideas. Get in touch.

November 20-21

Let us give you an insight into the diagnosis and biopsy of prostate carcinoma and the subsequent focal treatment with treatment with high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Come to our workshop “Fokale PCa Therapie – Robotic Focal One HIFU”.

November 14-15

If you are an interventional radiologist, nuclear medicine specialist, hepatologist, oncologist or surgeon who wants to learn more about radioembolization, then our SIRT workshop is for you.

November 1

What new procedures are available for the treatment of heart disease? Let’s find out together at our symposium “HTC in Oschersleben”. download program


We are once again hosting some employees of Siemens Healthineers for several days throughout the following weeks. This time they will have the opportunity to train cardiac interventions with the new Mentice Simulator. That is going to be a lot of fun.

September 27

Would you like to find out about innovations in the treatment of type A dissection and also see two interesting cases from the Magdeburg clinics? Then come to our “5. Magdeburger Aortensymposium”.

August 30

What has happened in nuclear medicine in the last year? This is exactly what is reported and discussed in this meeting “Nuklearmedizinischer Stammtisch Sachsen-Anhalt”. We remain curious.


For the first time, Siemens is sending some employees to our new MR System Engineering Course, which is being held in cooperation with the University of Magdeburg and the Stimulate research campus. We are already very excited to see how the new concept will be received by the participants, in which hardware knowledge, insights into clinical application and much more will be taught in addition to an overall understanding of the MR system.

June 17

We are particularly looking forward to this workshop, in which we will learn how MRI of the liver in combination with hepatobiliary contrast agents can be used to make an accurate diagnosis without invasive diagnostics.

download programm

June 15

This online-workshop “Convincing in the Tumorboard” is always a great success. We are looking forward to the vivid discussions and the interactive and relaxed atmosphere of this upcoming workshop.


How does an operation room look like from the inside? What are the main diseases for each clinical department and how are they treated there? What can a medical equipment company do to improve these procedures? All this and more will be shown and answered during the 12 days of our clinical insight observation workshop.

April 26

Having had the honour to host this wonderful symposium, we are sorry to announce that the “Gefäßmedizinischer Arbeitskreis Magdeburg” will be held for the last time today. It was a successful event that lasted for years, which we enjoy all the more tonight.


This year begins with some promising workshops and projects in our conference and laboratory centres in Magdeburg.  For instance Boston Scientific will have a hybrid meeting about their TheraSphere Center of Excellence on March-7. We’ll have a couple of neuroradiological workshops and Cook Medical will do some coil testing on March-30. Feel free to get in touch for more information.


We are preparing our upcoming events. If you are interested in finding out more about our workshops, projects and partners, feel free to check out our brochure.